30 Special Words of Love

“I promise to be true to you in good times and bad, in sickness and in health I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.”

If you are reading this you are either preparing for marriage, you are married, or working very closely with those who are preparing to walk down the aisle. These 30 special words, or a variation of them, are the promise of one heart to the other, the foundation of a contract to a relationship that will last a lifetime. These are the words that shine and display the love of one individual for and other.

 A few years ago, Cheryl wrote a meditative reading for one of our wedding ceremonies. The piece has evolved to become a favorite reading within the ceremony of many of our couples. This is what she wrote:  

 Marriage is the best “things” we do as human being. We fall in love. We commit our lives to each other. We share that love with the world. There is no other movement of the heart, idea in our minds, or action in our lives that is greater than sharing our love with another human being. Marriage is the fabric that brings together persons, creates families, defines villages, protects nations, reveres the aging, and strives for perfection. It spurs the soul to greater and deeper love. Marriage is the strength that overcomes adversity, holds together when the world is falling apart around it, endures when all else seems lost, and suffices when the need is the greatest. Marriage fills the lover with certainty, teaches patience, nurtures creativity, and demands vigilance against all that would want to destroy it.Marriage remains when all the light and frivolous feelings and desires of youth have faded into the years. Marriage, when tended by fidelity and understanding, sustains both the lovers and their love.    ~Cheryl Cavalconte~

Cheryl and I are happily and deliciously married.  We feel being in a committed married relationship is the best thing in the world that calls us to wholeness, and healing, that is supportive, caring, sensitive, warm, challenging, and stretching. A relationship where there is fun, laughs, serious conversation, genuine concern, safe, tender hugs, compassion, listening with the heart, and honesty, openness, and willingness to each hold each other close. I can continue to name all the wonderful aspects of marriage and love and yet not truly nor totally describe the love shared by you and by each individual couple since each relationship is totally unique. The music composer Peter Iiyich Tchaikovsky says “we do not speak enough about good marriages!” We totally agree with him. So here is to all of you who are in good healthy relationships and are on the threshold of marriage, in love with being in love and are willing to continue to grow each and every day.

 Charlie and Cheryl www.weddingministersri.com

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The Place for Your Ceremony

After the “Yes” and all the sharing about your engagement, one of the first questions about your wedding will be, “Where are we going to have the celebration?” Here is an unorganized list of places where you might want to celebrate your love knotting: There are the different churches, temples, mosques, chapels, and synagogues. Then there is everything else: Museums of all types: art, history, natural history, arboretums, historic village museums. Atriums of unique buildings (office buildings, college buildings,  private homes, etc.)  Vineyards, gardens, parks, both large and small, New England Town Commons, gazebos, a mountain top, a desert oasis, rock jetties, cliffs. The campus of a private school or college and the chapel or “great hall” of such places, sailboats, state parks, ferries, trains, covered bridges. If that were not enough, how about historic mansions, lighthouses, aircraft hangers, docks and boat houses, public beaches and private beaches, or even the zoo. Penthouses and summer cottages and camps, your parent’s, or your neighbor or boss’ backyard, the observation deck of famous buildings or natural lookout places. Depending on membership and sponsorship, there are country clubs, yacht clubs, sports and hunting clubs (depending) on flavor and membership. And there are military posts and bases depending on sponsorship clearance and security issues. Believe it or not, we officiated a lovely small wedding in a small grove of trees in the middle of a historic cemetery with old stones both standing in the ground and leaning against the trees.

The list goes on and on limited only by your imagination, budget and the sometime practical concerns. How do people get there? Can grandma get there? How far to travel? What about the weather? Etc. but for now, dream! Happy Celebrating!

Charlie and Cheryl http://www.weddingministersri.com

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Why you need to have a wedding planner?

From our perch, looking down the aisle, in the moments before you change your life on one of the most important days of your life, and after celebrating about 1700 weddings, one of the best gifts a couple can give to themselves, as a wedding gift to each other, is a wedding planner, if not ofr the enitre process at least for their wedding day.

Now you might be asking yourself, why would a wedding officiant be recommending a wedding planner?

Here is an incomplete list of why there is a huge benefit to having a wedding planner either for the day of the wedding or during the entire process of planning your big day: a sense of order, calm, organization, knowhow, peace, serenity, the able to reduce stress, worry and anxiety, peace of mind, insightful, orderly, punctuality, a sense of perspective, timing, management, a manager and cheerleader, tissues, honesty, discretion, an objective third-party, observes details, details, details, comes with an emergency kit, emotionally stable, knows the vendors: the good, the bad, and the ugly; intuitive, artistic, caring, has know how and knows how to handle most crises, your wedding planner is not your  mom, your sister or your best friend but an objective third-party, who is able to keep her or in a few cases his head on tightly when everyone else might be losing theirs; wisdom, knowledge and most of all experience, experience, experience!

On the day of your wedding, the time immediately before the ceremony is probably  some of the most nerve-racking and emotionally charged moments of the entire day: from hairs, nails, makeup, getting dressed to photos and getting everyone to the ceremony site on time and all that occurs in between, those few minutes before you walk down and getting you to that point, are some of the most critical and emotionally filled moments of the day.

From our perspective having a wedding planner makes your day run so much more smoothly. Your wedding planner will save yourself tons of stress, worry, anxiety, and frustration and will be there to hold your hand and walk you through one of the most important days and some of most important moments of your entire life.

Charlie and Cheryl