I celebrated a small wedding for a couple the same day we celebrated the naming ceremony for their second child. These are the beautiful and intimate words they shared:

Today, I take you as my husband/wife, my best friend, my partner in everything and the father/mother of my children.

I promise to… Love you, even on the days I do not like you.

To stand by you and support you wherever life takes us and through whatever life brings us.

To hug you, just because.

I promise to, cherish each moment with you and our boys and be your biggest fan.

To laugh with you and at you.

To always take time for us, no matter how busy life is.

I promise to remember and show you how lucky I feel to have you, not just through words but affection and tenderness.

I loved you yesterday, I love you today , I will love who you are tomorrow and always.

Charles and Cheryl Cavalconte