More Vows

We feel one of the greatest privileges and joys as a wedding officiant is to stand before a couple to witness their vows and be present to a changing moment in the history of the human race. There before us are two people, two lives, uttering a hand full of words and the lives of families and communities are forever altered. Because vows are so incredibly intimate other names are used than the couple who wrote them.

“Jason, today, i take you to be my husband for life.

I vow to help create a life that we can cherish,

inspiring your love for me and mine for you.

I give you my hand and my heart as a sanctuary of warmth and peace.

And I pledge my love, devotion, faith and honor, as I join my life to yours-

Living, learning, loving, together

As long as we both shall live”

And his:

“I, Jason, promise you Melissa to keep fast in our marriage;

an expression of gratitude, a living oath to safeguard our love,

and a heart set upon experiencing with you,

ever and ever more deeply,

life lived with courage, grace, light and joy.

I promise this most of all to you dear Melissa, for you, for me, for all of our time-

to wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving you.”

Beautiful and we are grateful to witness this depth of heart.

Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte

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