Why Your Wedding Ceremony Must Be Personal

The entire experience of your wedding day is about the two of you, your marriage and the marriage ceremony, otherwise there would be no need for all the rest of the things that go along with a wedding day. The ceremony MUST be personalized, it must reflect who you are. No two couples are alike. No two loves are alike. No two relationships are alike. Each couple is totally their own beautiful reflection of love. A ceremony is the ritual framework that attempts to articulate with words, music, colors, design, location and symbols the immense mystery of your two hearts in love.

We have been personalizing weddings ceremonies for years. We are so tremendously grateful to be able to create with a couple their ritual which best reflects their love. IMAGINE, if every wedding ceremony celebrated were the same, what a flat, one-dimensional world we would have. Life is too full, rich and abundant to have the same old, same old – Celebrate we must with creativity, color, personality, life, spirit and LOVE!

Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte


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