I wrote his name along the beach – A Poem

We live in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. We are blessed to have the beach all about us everyday in every season. This week we see the beach, with now close to over two feet of snow, being kissed daily by the ice floats on the waters in a silent winter beauty.The following poem, shared by Don Cadoret a local artist, reminds us of warmer and sunnier days.

I wrote his name along the beach,
I love the letters so.
Far up it seemed and out of reach,
For still the tide was low.
But oh, the sea came creeping up,
And washed the name away,
And on the sand where it had been
A bit of sea-grass lay.
A bit of sea-grass on the sand,
Dropped from a mermaid’s hair,
Ah, had she come to kiss his name
And leave a token there?

Sara Teasdale- 1911

Enjoy. Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte