Several years ago we came across this wonderful line:
“I am because WE are.”

We don’t know where the line came from, but like a lot of the material surrounding and articulating love and wedding ceremonies, they exist in what we feel are the collective spheres of our universe. Anyway.

We loved the sound and feel of the line but it lacked body and a certain “framing”. We discussed the line and how we feel it tells a part of the story of a part our lives and love. Cheryl wrote this poet to go with the line.

There was a time when I would seek to know myself.
I called myself by many words.
I dressed myself in many robes.
I stood beneath a thousand skies.
And then YOU,
You were before me on the road.
You spoke new words and wore new robes.
The skies were filled with stars.
It was only then that I began to know
what I know about myself.
I am because WE are.
Rev. Cheryl Cavalconte, MA

Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte