LOVE: A Litany

In August we shared a variation on Saint Paul’s famous Chapter 13 Letter to the Corinthians. Today, we are expanding that reading into a litany. A litany is a beautiful and easy way to engage all the voices of your guests. The format of the litany /reading is the community says the word LOVE together, and an individual reader or number of readers each speaking out, from his or her place, a stated aspect, element or characteristic of love. The flow or pace is like that of a chant.

C: Community
R: Reader (s)

C: Love: R: is
C: Love: R: does
C: Love: R: grows
C: Love: R: forgives
C: Love: R: rejoices
C: Love: R: is kind
C: Love: R: trusts
C: Love: R: respects
C: Love: R: gives
C: Love: R: endures
C: Love: R: arrives and arises
C: Love: R: is patience
C: Love: R: ignites
C: Love: R: lights
C: Love: R: enlivens
C: Love: R: never fails
C: Love: R: moves in mysterious ways
C: Love: R: has a life of its own
C: Love: R: shows up in unexpected places
C: Love: R: heals
C: Love: R: makes the world go round
C: Love: R: understands
C: Love: R: works its magic
C: Love: R: cares
C: Love: R: is everywhere
C: Love: R: is.

As you can see, a few more or a few less characteristics of love can be added or deleted depending on your thoughts and feelings.

Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte

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