From Love Letters of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vol 1

Yesterday, in near hurricane conditions, Matt and Kate stood in the midst of an autumn garden and celebrated their love and exchanged their vows.

On October 4, 1840, 175 years ago today, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote Sophia Peabody, his betrothed a letter. A  portion of that letter was used by Matt and Kate as the first reading of their ceremony.

Kate and Matt called this reading, for them, Epigraph. An Epigraph is: 1) an inscription on a building, statue or coin. 2) A short quote or saying at the beginning of a book or chapter, intended to suggest its theme. And, what a wonderfully worded theme it is.

From Love Letters of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vol 1

4 October 1840

I used to think that I could imagine all passions, all feelings, all states of the heart and mind; but how little did I know what it is to be mingled with another’s being! Thou only hast taught me that I have a heart– thou only hast thrown a light deep downward, and upward, into my soul. Thou only hast revealed me to myself; for without thy aid, my best knowledge of myself would have been merely to know my own shadow– to watch it flickering on the wall, and mistake its fantasies for my own real actions.
Indeed, we are but shadows– we are not endowed with real life, and all that seems most real about us is but the thinnest substance of a dream– till the heart is touched. That touch creates us– then we begin to be– thereby we are beings of reality, and inheritors of eternity. Now, dearest, dost thou comprehend what thou hast done for me? And is it not a somewhat fearful thought, that a few slight circumstances might have prevented us from meeting?


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