Vows and the “WE DO” Response

Who know why we have not been blogging…let’s blame February and March for being February and March, (in the Northern Hemisphere)but now wedding bells are in the air. We have some wonderful thoughts about weddings to share so please drop in every once in a while.

The following are  vows using the response WE DO said by the couple as a couple rather than I DO said as an individual. The following marriage vows were shared by James and Debbie last summer and are a wonderful example of a couple using the “WE DO” formula in proclaiming their vows.

James and Debbie, do you promise to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to be gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in love?

Do you promise to seek sobriety, balance, and moderation in all things, being mindful of yourselves, of each other, and of your relationship?

Do you promise to listen to each other’s voice and listen to each other’s heart, and understand with each other in all times, all situations, and all conditions?

Do you promise to be a safe haven for each other, place of joy and peace and forgiveness, a place where hugs are to freely given?

Do you promise to be each other’s partner in joy, comfort and sickness, solace and sorrow, strength in adversity, and constant companion in life?

Do you promise to love and honor each other all the days of your lives?

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