Bread and Salt Ceremony

Hilary and Mike wanted to include the traditional Polish Bread and Salt Blessing in their wedding ceremony. We found in our  research that a bread and salt blessing ritual ceremony is a tradition shared by many cultures. The following outline is modified from a variety of Polish Bread and Salt Blessing sources.

The Polish Bread and Salt Blessing

We suggest, for a good flow to the ceremony, to place the bread and salt blessing within the wedding ceremony after the Exchange of Rings, the Pronouncement and the Kiss, AND before the Final Blessing and Dismissal.

Celebrant: (In these or similar words) “The Bread and Salt Blessing is a long cherished Polish tradition which has been passed down through the centuries. It symbolizes the union of the Bride and Groom and their families”.
I invite____ parent’s forward to give the blessing.

Ceremony Description and Text
~The parents of the bride and groom come forward and present to the couple bread and salt and a glass of wine.
~The celebrant, or one of the parents, can narrate the action and add appropriate words.
~The parents sprinkle the bread with salt and give the bread to both of the newlyweds to eat.
-The bread represents the parent’s hope that their children will never experience hunger or need.
-The salt reminds the couple that their life might difficult at times and they must learn together to cope with life’s struggles.
-The parents now present the glass of wine to the Bride and Groom for each of them to drink. With the wine, the parents hope that they will never thirst and the couple will have a life of good health and cheer and share the company of many good friends.
~The parents now join in kissing the bride and groom as a welcome to the family and as a sign of their love and unity.”
~Parents return to their places.

The wedding ceremony ends with the Final Blessing
The bride and groom proceed down the aisle or otherwise leave the ceremony site.

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