Liza and Roger’s Vows

On the Saturday of this past Memorial Day weekend, on a picture perfect day, on a wind-swept hill, on Block Island, in the State of Rhode Island,  Liza and Roger exchanged their vows which united their hearts and lives for life. These are the words, feelings and love they share with each other and proclaim to the world:

Roger’s Vows
~I love that you light up when your near water
I can only imagine its because you’re a sailor’s daughter

~I love that you have made our home in W.V.
but remember wherever you go I go we are now we

~I love that I can always count on you… except for being on time…

~I love that you think I am funnier than I am especially at night when you are giddy. I couldn’t find a rhyme with giddy

~I love that your fingers fit perfectly in mine.
And when your head hits my chest you fall asleep no matter what time

~I love that I knew your father, now I know now where you get your strength, and I love your dedication to family and how you will go to any length.

~I love that you have helped me be the person I am today,
And I know there are many others here that would say the same thing

~I love that you are courageous and untethered and not just with your cooking. And that somehow you knew that I loved burnt or well-done food

~I love that I get to profess, that I LOVE YOU, to everyone around
And all of the things I know about you and all the others I haven’t yet found

~I love that this entire weekend could only be planned by you
And we get to show the world that no one says I do, like we do

Liza’s Vows
~I promise to take care of you forever and ever amen
~I promise to always make you feel my love
~I promise to love you for a thousand years
~I promise I can’t smile without you
~I promise that no one will become between us like two islands in the stream

I stand here today with my heart full.
I have spent years taking care of myself and being the organizer, the decision makers, the person in charge.
You help me STOP and appreciate life and the importance of Love.
You see in me so much talent and possibility.
You see the real LIZA with all of my perfect imperfections. …for that I love you.

I love that you are my ROCK.
I love that you calm my craziness.
I love that when I tell you that we never slow dance, that you pull over on the side of the road and dance with me to music on the car radio.
I love that you LOVE family as much as I do.
I love that you know about the dip in the nose and the baby hair in the small of my back.
I love that you aren’t afraid to cry.
I love that these puppies are your babies too.
I love that you are a creative – always dreaming and discovering.
I love that you make me belly laugh.
I love that you GET me.
I love that we will grow old together.

So today – I make a promise to continue to laugh and discover with you.
I promise to appreciate you in health and take care of you in sickness.
I promise to always pluck the hair from your ears and watch MMA (even though it bores me to death)
I promise to always share my thoughts and make decisions together.
I promise a million more promises as we become partners.
Most importantly, I promise to love you madly, widely, fiercely “just a little” everyday of my life.


We hope sharing Roger and Liza’s vows has been helpful, has touched your heart, and you have enjoyed your visit.

Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte
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