Vows- a sample

Do you ____, willingly take ___ as your husband/ wife, and in doing so give yourself to him/her freely, fully and gladly? Do you agree to take the bad with the good, the difficult with the easy,  the anguish with the joy, and the defeat with the triumph? And, do you promise to love her/him come what may?

We hope these beautiful and heartfelt vows has been helpful to you on your journey and you have enjoyed your visit.

Charlie and Cheryl Cavalconte
Wedding Celebrants, Ceremony Script Writers, Consultants
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Why no images on our blog?  Wedding images come and go with fashion and with the season, so many and so varied. We feel it is the words you share with each other, during your wedding ceremony, that are some of the most significant and intimate words you will ever share, in your life,  and, like gems, are unique and personal.

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