About Us

We are Charlie and  Cheryl Cavalconte. We are a happily married couple, and we are both ordained ministers. Together, or as individual officiants, we have celebrated about 1700 wedding ceremonies.

We are a unique blending of liturgist, dramatist, therapist, alchemist, poet, ritualizer, celebrant, officiant, consultant and participants in the creation and celebration of your own special and personal wedding ceremony whether spiritual, secular,mystical, magical, whimsical or an amalgam of all.

We have celebrated wedding ceremonies that are big, rich, opulent,  lavish, expensive, high-end and way over the top, to small intimate, reserved, quiet, simple, low-budget celebrations and everything in-between. We feel each couple shares their own very unique love and that love is best celebrated and proclaimed to the world in their own particular style.

Our blog will share with you our experiences from the many wedding ceremonies where we have been the officiant, thus, the name of our blog: ONLY THE CEREMONY! We will touch  all that happens between the rehearsal for your ceremony to your recessional down the aisle as a married couple ~ONLY THE CEREMONY!

Enjoy. We welcome your comments, questions and insights. Happy reading and preparing for one of the most special days of your lives.

Please visit OUR WEBSITE: www.weddingministersri.com  and  contact us for a free initial consultation: OUR EMAIL: ccavalconte@yahoo.com or OUR PHONE/TEXT: 401-253-5770. Video conferencing is also available.Please contact us about how we are able to assist you.

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