Our service is to create and design with you the most unique and intimate wedding ceremony that best reflects the love you share as a couple. Each ceremony is thoughtfully, sensitively, and personally crafted for the discriminating couple.

Please contact us, so we may set a time aside for a free initial personal consultation to listen to your thoughts, concerns, and desires. We would love to hear about the dreams and images you have for your own personal celebration.

Our consulting and design service  for your wedding ceremony can be for designing your ceremony, coaching you as you create your own wedding ceremony, writing your vows or coaching you as you write your own vows.

 The stipend for our wedding officiant service takes into account the size of your wedding party and guest list, the day of the week, time of day, and place. We offer special rates for active military officers and enlisted.

Please contact us today to establish your free initial consultation and to receive free, from us, our list of 10 important considerations to ponder before your wedding ceremony.

Please visit OUR WEBSITE: www.weddingministersri.com  and  contact us for a free initial consultation: OUR EMAIL: ccavalconte@yahoo.com or OUR PHONE/TEXT: 401-253-5770. Video conferencing is also available.Please contact us about how we are able to assist you.

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