Who are we?

We are a married couple who help couples celebrate their love. Please read more about us in the “About Us” section.

Who do we serve?

All couples of all genders with all sorts of celebrations.

What do we do?

Mainly, we assist couple in creating their own unique wedding ceremony as either their wedding officiants or as their vow writer, consultant, wedding ceremony builder, creator and designer. We also design and celebrate a broad spectrum of family rites and rituals.

When do we do celebrate and create?

All year in all seasons.

Where do we do actually physically officiate?

We officiate weddings in Rhode Island, Southeast Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Southern New England area.

How do we connect with our couples and families?

Email, phone, texting, videoconference and face to face.

Why do we do this?

We feel couples and families desire to express the key moments in their lives with ritual. We are able to help weave the right words and symbols to express the deeper inner feelings and meanings during these very special times.

Some call this designing liturgy, some sacred drama, others life rituals, but, regardless of the name, we are able to help you write the script for your ceremony and help you and your family realize the unique and personal celebration you desire and imagine.

Please visit OUR WEBSITE: www.weddingministersri.com  and  contact us for a free initial consultation: OUR EMAIL: ccavalconte@yahoo.com or OUR PHONE/TEXT: 401-253-5770. Video conferencing is also available.Please contact us about how we are able to assist you.

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