A Thought for Valentine’s Day

Love is the most powerful of all human alchemies. As wedding officiants, we are blessed with the awesome task to witness two human lives changing the course of human history. With the saying of a few words lives are forever transformed.  In the utterance of those few words, two singular orbiting galaxies melt and in their new bond heaven is redesigned, the world is recreated.

And yet, this flash is not a flash, but the result of the silent, ever gradual, metamorphosis of what it takes to grow a human. In this chemistry of time, this pregnancy of relationship, in the womb of presence, words, and emotions, hearts are healed and made whole and this love is born, only to be shared.

May your Valentine’s Day be wonderful.

Charlie and Cheryl


We share our planet with about 7 billion other people, and for about 2.4 billion Christians, this week is the celebration of  Christmas.  And if all the joys and feelings of Christmas are not enough, there are thousands, if not millions, of couples worldwide who, in the next few days would have said those very special words, in hundreds of different languages, that will move them from friends and lovers to engaged.
Engaged, that most  wonderful awkward place of nerves and sweaty palms and bended knee, (yes, a lot of people still do that) of asking, hoping, surrendering, of saying yes, of being received, and thus changing the course of the history of your life as an individual, your lives as a couple, the lives of your families and thus the history of the human race. The place of planning and hoping, the place where you, your love and your coupleness stand up and say to the world: here we are in love and we want to share our love with each other, and our togetherness with the world forever! What better gift is there than that?
May the joy of this holiday spill forth from your hearts and fill the world with love, joy and peace.