Why Only Word?

Why only words?
Contrary to social media experts, we are using only words rather than images/pictures on our blog. Why?
As an excited pending bride and groom, you have wandered the Internet and have seen many beautiful pictures of all things wedding: ceremonies, tables, flowers, dresses, children, tux, candles, tents, churches, and the list goes on and on. You have seen smiling brides and grooms at beaches standing in front of preachers, parents, siblings, family and friends; couples walking down aisles, laughing over a glass a wine, getting on or off a trolley, a carriage, an ATV, an antique car, a limo, a snowmobile, a helicopter, a semi.  You have seen countless pictures of beautiful flowers, exquisitely designed table arrangements, happy guests, and a spectrum of wonderful ideas to punctuate the specialness of your wedding day, making the day a truly unique celebration of your love.
However, when it comes down to the very core essence of what all this is about, your wedding is about the two of you: the two of you standing there, opening your hearts, sharing your lives and pronouncing, to the world, the words of your vows, of your love, commitment and fidelity to each other, for life! Whether this tremendous moment in the history of your lives happens before one or two witnesses or in front of an arena filled with cheering fans, at the core of everything you are planning is your commitment to each other and it is your ceremony and the words you choose to profess your love to the world “that says it all.”
That is why we don’t have pictures. You are the center focus of this blog, no one else, with your hearts, your words, your lives, your spirits, and your essence becoming one together forever.Our service is to help you mold, shape and design the vows, the words, and the script of your ceremony by using the best words and the best symbols to express, in the clearest way,  the profound mystery of your unique love to the world.

Please visit OUR WEBSITE: www.weddingministersri.com  and  contact us for a free initial consultation: OUR EMAIL: ccavalconte@yahoo.com or OUR PHONE/TEXT: 401-253-5770. Video conferencing is also available.Please contact us about how we are able to assist you.

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